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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What we do....

Thought I'd give a brief look into our current interests and happenings...

Brian (14) likes anything computer-related. If one of my friends is having computer problems, until he fixes it, that's all I hear about...when can I go over, when can I go over, when can I go over....And when he does go over, he fixes it!

He likes learning about website building, but he says he hates graphics work. Now, I hear him say that, but I also see him creating some cool things...and learning all sorts of programs with dunno! He also likes the hardware aspect, building, re-building, tearing apart, adding..etc. He's also MEGA into operating systems, running Windows (which he hates) Linux which he LOVES and something else which I forget because I've never heard of it before! Now he's starting to get into programming....who knows where this will go...but it's so amazing to be on this ride! He truly is an amazing child!

In between all that, he reads a LOT. Classics, science fiction, religious non-fiction, computer books, religious fiction, The Bible.

That's pretty much Brian these,books, oh, iPod and cell phone!

Now, Elias is a totally different story. He's SO energetic. He loves to move! He's very smart, but corralled in a totally different way.

Elias currently loves:

* gymnastics class


* Me! And his baby brother, and even his big brother...and the idea of a family..he holds it very dear!
* Playing Go Fish
* Watching Signing Time
* Playing with friends
* DANCING. Since he's been little he has loved dancing! Like, movement dancing, not formal, but more like hip hop. When High School Musical came out, he was in "heaven". Then Jump In came he incorporates jumping into his dances! It's so cute! But, it's been YEARS of this. The other day I asked him if I found him a dance class, would he like it. Today he reminded me..and I hopped to it! Got some great recommendations for some breakdance and hip hop classes. I think they will be right up his alley! Watch for him in a few years!

Sebastian. He's so happy. He loves moving around, and he loves music. His favorite thing, any time he gets crying, or needs to calm down, is to watch Baby Einstein movies. They captivate him. Santa brought him some new good ones! He also of course loves to be held, and a new fave is BATHTIME! Splashing is fabulous!

Now I'll get into us adults! My husband and I have some pretty cool and diverse interests.

My husband....he used to be a runner. Now he's ...drumroll Ironman. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means he's certifiably crazy, cuockoo, loco, stubborn, and resilient. It also means he swam over 2 miles, then biked like 112, AND THEN ran a full marathon (26? miles) all in under 11 hours. CRAZY!!

This is only a "hobby". He's really a limo driver, 1/2 owner of a local triathlon store, and real-estate investor wannabe. The Hobby does seem to take up a lot of time though! He's very good about including us though....he'll run around the park we're at, or he'll run home from an event, we travel as a family to all of his's manageable! interests can come and go too! Long term interests, of course, Kids, God, education....I also love to scrapbook, read! READ!!! I love to read! A lot of christian fiction, some non-fictions. I love advocating for homeschooling rights. Never dreamed I'd be where I am today, that's for sure! I love helping new homeschooling families. I love to travel! I LOVE to see sights, to learn all about places, I love History...I love research! Google is my best friend

Well, maybe that gives you a small insight into us. We truly follow the interests of the moment, and sometimes that moment lasts 5 minutes, sometimes 5 years. (Small hint, make sure the length of time correlates to money spent! Meaning, don't go buy flying lessons for the next year because your child pointed to an airplane in the sky!! Make sure it's a longish term interest before heavily investing!)

Hope this has been fun to read...some day I'll detail some of the weird and wacky interests we've followed through the years....I wonder what the future holds for us!!

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