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Saturday, January 19, 2008

NV Caucus

Ugh so this year Nevada is doing a caucus instead of a primary. What you may ask, is a caucus? Well, today is the day and most of us still don't get it either!

Essentially, instead of being able to go down and vote at any time, everyone goes at the same time (it's assigned) you register, then go in and attend a meeting type thing, trying to sway people over to your candidate. Then either you cast a ballot or get counted for proportionate purposes. But, it's not binding! And, you can be "undecided"

Well, most of us homeschool moms, while we would love to be involved, just aren't willing to sit there for an hour to 2 "discussing" candidate positions WITH OUR KIDS IN TOW!!!

This whole thing seems like it's not very...representative...the rules are crazy, some people don't count , if your precinct needs, lets say 20 votes for John Edwards for 1 delegate, and 2 people are there, they essentially don't matter! Versus an accumulation over the day where every vote is a true vote....

Totally crazy! Well, it's been a good learning lesson...

And, since politics are oft discussed in our son was surfing and found this..I thought it was hilarious and decided to share it with's a HILLBILLY!!!!! HAHAHAHH

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