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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ok, this is my first time...hope I do it right! I've been tagged by ilovemy3angelbabies to list 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 other people.

1. I have the world's fattest cat! She used to be so skinny we thought she was ill. UNTIL we got her fixed. Then she BLEW UP.

2. I'm probably like a lot of you, rather get something for the house than for myself. I needed a new washer, and for Mother's Day my husband got me the matching dryer!

3. My dream car: a 4x4 truck, stick shift, king cab, nice lift kit. Ford preferable, but Dodge doable. Oh, and probably diesel. Don't ask..who knows! And my husband thinks I'm nuts!

4. I'd love to count how many times I actually kiss the baby every day. In one head bend I can drop an easy 5 little ones on him. I need a little clicker!

5. I have a severe throw up phobia. Even writing that drives me nuts.

6. I love Food network, HGTV and TLC

7. Geesh this is hard! What if it's not interesting?! SO much pressure! Ummm....ok..I grew up with Dobermans! Ferocious looking but never hurt a fly!

I don't know if people like being tagged or not...hope noone takes offense! I'll tag: MOMflippedisWOW , homeschoolinginKSA , tn3jcarter , growingdaily , juniperkids , caroline4kids , and hugs4Him .

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