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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Who's world am I in?!?!?

This morning, I'm changing the baby's poopy diaper and Elias pipes up, "I wish I still wore diapers." I'm like huh?!?

He goes on to tell me he wishes he could poop in a diaper!!! He's 6 1/2!! I remind him how nasty poop smells, and how squishy it would be to sit in it. His little boy logic informs me...I'm dying laughing as I type this...that, "I get bored in the bathroom, I can't bring a book in 'cause of that time I almost dropped it in..."

So, he wants to poop himself because he's bored on the pot?!?! Only a 6 yr old could have logic like that! One day he'll be embarrassed about this, but not today! So weird, it's funny!

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