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Friday, January 18, 2008


We had a good day here...woke up early to watch the neighbor's kids while they went to a Parent-Teacher conference. They got to learn how their Kindergartner did on the No Child Left Behind tests ughhhhhhh.

Then we left and went to Homeschool Skating. This is always a blast. My teen goes out and skates with his friends, and Elias (6) takes a few turns around the rink, but mostly skates all over the carpeted table area with his friends, gaining confidence and speed! Baby got passed from person to's an all around nice time! Because it's city-wide we get to see people from across town that we generally only see at skating!

After skating Brian and a few other teens went to hang out at one of their houses. Later they went and saw Cloverfield (opening day, son has been WAITING!! for this movie..he's so unlike me. I close my eyes at scary commercials!!)

Meanwhile Elias had 3 little friends over (and I had their mommy over!) We had a nice lunch and lots of play time. In between occasional fights its always so nice to see children PLAYING! Using their imagination, coming up with strategies and it!!!

Hours later, friends left, baby took a very late and very needed nap while Elias and I snuggled on the couch. The off to get Brian.

After a discourse on the pros and cons of this movie (sounds a LOT like Blair Witch project...which I've never seen, nor ever will) he floors me with this little diddy, "I wish I could read my books faster so I can get through them, I have so many on my "to read" list"

Ok, maybe he is my son after all!!

I truly love my children! I love watching them play, love watching their wheels turn as they figure things out, and love the things they come up with! Never doubt, or doubt little, they learn!!

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