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Sunday, January 27, 2008


I was feeling so blessed, reading so many of your blogs who had sick kids over Christmas...well, it couldn't stay away forever, but we were healthy for Christmas!

The beginning of the week had Brian with a head cold. It wasn't too bad except he got a crazy rash on his neck and above his eyes. So he spent a day passed out from Benadryl. Then it was mostly an irritating runny nose. He's much recovered now.

Friday night baby was very restless about 3 am. He also had a slightly runny nose so I figured he couldn't breath well...that is, until he threw up.

Now, if you know me, you know I am severely phobic about throw up. Not, "I don't like it" but, "My heart races, my palms get sweaty, I get physically ill thinking about it" etc etc

My poor's throwing up, and crying..hate to see the poor little guys who don't understand what's happening just crying. I'm crying because baby's crying, then I'm crying because I'm exhausted and can't sleep in between episodes because I'm totally panicked. What a night!

Luckily for all parties, I remembered that since baby has a G-tube (tube that goes straight to his stomach for feedings) I can open it up and allow it to drain, and then he won't have to physically throw up anymore! You could still tell when pains were hitting him, but it went much easier.

Little lovely woke up around 9 and seemed much recovered stomach wise, but he had a slight fever that left him not really wanting to do much. We just hung in bed for most of the day, playing with toys and trying to keep germs away from everyone else. Hopefully it works!

Everyone did ok overnight, and back to eating regularly today!

Well, off to play in the rarely seen rain!

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