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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My magazine subscriptions

You can tell an awful lot about a person by their magazine subscriptions. Here're mine:

Scrapbook Trends This is by far the best scrapbook magazine. So much of it is my style! It also comes with a hefty cover price, buying it as a subscription is still pricey but not nearly as bad.

Memory Makers Long time subscriber

Every Day  by Rachel Ray . I'm a big Rachel Ray fan.Love the idea of a quick meal and LOVE her flare for cheese and flavor. My kids, sadly, don't appreciate anything she makes and groan when I say "it's a Rachel Ray recipe!"

Martha Stewart Living. Sadly, this magazine was not what I thought it was. I think I was thinking of maybe another one she publishes, like "simple" or something...this was was all fancy smantzy, with ads for Ralph Lauren clothing etc...way too high end for me! Secretly, I'm a Martha Stewart semi-wannabe, but with less fuss and less money spent!

The Old Schoolhouse  Finally!  I've read it before, but finally subscribed! Got my first issue the other day! YEAH!

What do your magazines tell others about you?!?!  Do you have expensive tastes? Do you want to be environmentally friendly? What are your subscriptions?!  Or dream subscriptions?!?!

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