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Monday, January 14, 2008

An Expensive, no I mean Electronics, no really, I mean expensive, kinda day!

For weeks Brian, my computer geek, has been moaning about his monitor. Apparently there's something wrong with it, but nothing that would affect what you or I do with a computer! But, it affects him.

Last night we went to Borders and one of his books of choice was on Python...never heard of it...LOVE following his lead...because where he goes only he knows! Apparently it's for programming...which is what he wants to get into.

In the Sunday ads he found a great monitor at Best Buy, and since then has been heavily researching it and also contemplating using his stash of money. I made it very clear that since I considered the current monitor more than usable that I wouldn't be purchasing a new one. Need vs Want, tough lesson to learn!

So, today he decided he needed to wait to delve into his Python book until his new monitor, so off we went to purchase it. What a happy camper!

But the day didn't end there.

I've been contemplating buying him a cell phone. Please understand, I've been adverse to this idea, in theory, for years. But this year has really brought about some more independence and quite frankly, I want that connection to him! Buying him a cell phone is NOT for him to gab, NOT for him to be cool, It's about ME!!!  Call me paranoid, whatever, but I've lost a kid before in a public place, and it's TERRIFYING! I need that assurance that while he's off "hanging with his friends" that he's not really been kidnapped and 1/2 way to Alaska, or that when we separate in the mall that I can then again connect with him.

Our current cell plan is EXCELLENT, and sadly, not offered anymore, so to add a line, we'd have to change plans...not happening!  I had mentioned to my parents months ago that I was thinking about this. At the time they were looking at changing their provider and were going to get back to me with the new plan's add-a-line deal. BUT they went with a basic plan, like 350 minutes a month, I would hate to have my son foul them up!

Tonight, out of the blue, my sister "remembers" to mention that she's been paying for an extra line on her plan for more than a year (broke up with her boyfriend and just didnt cancel the line) and if we bought the phone Brian could use that line. Well, hello!!!!!!!  $10/month is what she's paying for that line..unlimited Verizon to Verizon calls, unlimited texting on her plan (need to make sure that carries over to his phone) and she barely uses any of her 1500 minutes.

So, now, guess where we headed off to. Yup, Verizon store.

Here's a pic of him with new phone:

We came home and I was feeling sick to my stomach!  So much money spent in one day! I'm used to being pretty frugal, this was a LOT! Heck. the kid got a better phone than MINE!

Sorry for the blurry pic, but it showcases the KEYBOARD!!!

Well, I have to say, Brian saves and saves and saves his money. For him to put out $ means it was very important to him.  He put in half of his savings towards the phone and bought the entire monitor himself  ($209!!!)

All's well that ends well, and today ended pretty well for him!

Now I better see lots of Python-y stuff happening soon!  (Would I know it if it hit me?!?!?!)

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