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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Child #3

Forrest, the next stepson, currently 13. Poor boy, had trial after trial and self-identity wrapped up with his failure at school.

Forrest, when I first moved here, was 5 and ohhhh so active and ooohh so "crazy". He'd be running and run SMACK into a pole. Like, full force. Just not see it. I can't tell you how many pairs of glasses he broke in one was sickening.

He's a wonderful child, but was so overshadowed by being hyper and being unable to keep up in school.

About a year into my marriage, Forrest was finally diagnosed with ADHD and went on medicine. We saw a nice improvement of activity lessening, but sadly, it didn't improve his schoolwork.

We had many sad years, many tough years with Forrest. He was very jealous of my son being homeschooled, and he was struggling with no real friends and low self esteem. He had little ability to think outside of himself, and worse, would lie over any little thing.

Some of these issues are ongoing today, but after a recent dr's visit Forrest has been taken off his medication and is working on being more in control of his own behaviors.

He, too, is now living with his mom in Kansas and after a year of being homeschooled, is now enjoying middle school in a new area.

Thanks to my parents who would constantly encourage me, "when someone acts unlovable, you still need to love on them". The phone calls they had to endure, the tears shed over this child, the feelings of being unable to help him..the wondering, will he ever be successful in life?

Yet I made it, and so did he! Day by day, through trial and adversity and bad moods, we're both still here!

Looking forward to maturity and strength and self-control..and praying hard :) As we all pull together for this child of God, we know he'll make it, in his own way!

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