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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brian and HTML

My oldest's main interest is computers. It has been for about the past 3 years..and the things he knows are astounding!

Years ago I taught myself html in order to make a website. I write straight html, no editing programs, no Dreamweaver. I do pretty good....I THOUGHT!!!!

Here's a snapshot of a website I built for our statewide group, Nevada Homeschool Network.

The background did get to be a little "much" over the years, but it worked and served it's purpose!

Brian made his first website when he was about 8, just a very simple one on AOL with their said "I Love God" That's it! Too cute.  I later pointed him towards yahoo/geocities where I built some other websites, and a really good website which teaches you how to write codes  Lyssa Explains It All.

Soon, the kid was taking off! About a year ago I handed off all my "updates" to him, he has more time! The trade-off for that was I had to hear him moan and groan about the old html  (versus xml I guess?) and how I built the website with frames and frames are stupid and can take some computers too long to load etc etc.

He started "validating my codes"  dunno really what that means, but it made him happy!

Meanwhile I found homeschoolblogger! He's been very instrumental in showing me where I can change what and how to do things...his breadth of knowledge has so far surpassed mine that I am a baby in comparison!!

We also realized we needed a simpler, more updated look for NHN's website, so he was instrumental in the building of that also. He knows how to do graphics stuff which I don't. I can change colors, or fonts, but start messing with even borders, much less images and I'm out!

Here's the snapshot of the new NHN website, built "the right way" according to him! You can see more of it at NHN .

The boy is a true treasure..teenage angst and all. Watching his brain work has thrilled me from day one...and now knowing how far he has surpassed me..really makes me appreciate how much he really does know!

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