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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Felt Board Story Organization

I've been teaching a preschool co-op this year and I've amassed quite a collection of felt board stories. My usual method of organization is binders....but the felt board story binder was not working for me! Even using a big D ring one, it wasn't enough space, and pieces often fell out...

I gave up and bought a file box! And now I'm happy!

I even got to use my laminator!

I separated by alphabet....and also have a master list of stories, as some fall under multiple letters

I kept the stories and felt pieces in the page protectors that they were in in the binder. It seemed less buly than manilla folders, and less likely pieces would fall out.

I also took the time to laminate all my story cards...well, they were already out, why not do the job right?! It was fun!


  1. So very cool! I've also used accordion files. One thing that has helped me is if something could be filed in more than one way, I add a card on the other way so I know where to look. For example the figures from Brown Bear also have a story called Animal Tales, so I will file them under B but also put a card in the A file that says Animal Tales - See Brown Bear. Have fun! Do you know about

  2. I wonder if you'd have any suggestions for Christian, children's felt/flannel board stories that are not specifically Bible stories. I teach a young children's class at our church on Sunday evenings. Their morning Sunday School classes are Bible lessons. For the evening we try to do lessons that complement Bible teaching. Right now I'm using Sunday School Charlie flannelboard lessons. The kids love them, but there aren't very many in the series. Would you have suggestions for other Christian flannelboard series? Thx.

  3. I don't know of any, sorry. I do peruse Ebay and Etsy quite a bit...worse comes to worse, maybe print some off froma coloring book page etc? and throw a piece of velcro on the back?