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Friday, November 28, 2008


My oldest son is into photography. He has been for awhile now. Last year he tried an Alternative Photography  co-op class. While he liked the teacher, the class was more artsy-fartsy, doing altered books etc. He just wanted to take pictures and learn how to take better ones and "cooler" ones.

This year, the same teacher offered a Photo Club..and it's way more his speed!

This kid of mine....he's incredible. He gets "into" things with a passion. He started off with a cheap $10 manual film camera from Ebay.  Then he got a Lomo Supersampler, then he got the monster wazoo SLR, Canon EOS A2 (which takes film) and he's been saving for a digital SLR. 

 With his birthday and Christmas both coming up, he's been asking for just money. Today Amazon had a great sale on the camera he wanted and he bought the Canon EOS 40D.  He can't wait till it gets here. He's so cute. He runs around with these different cameras for different things.

But, more than just picture taking, he's into lomography and lo-fi techniques (or as I say "weird techiniques").  He buys all sorts of expired film, does cross processing, red scale film and more that I don't even know about!

Here is a sample of some of his recent photos:

Red Scale

Look at Little Lovely!!  It's very 70's looking, but I love it!

From the Lomo. I thought it was upside down, but I stand corrected, he's "just looking up"!

I know nothing about photography, so I am amazed by it all!

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