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Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Dinner

Nothing homeschool related, but a funny, nonetheless.

My husband always asks where I want to go for dinner, and then slides in little hints about where HE thinks we should go.  It's usually a buffet. Buffets are ok, but when you eat a lot of small meals a day, like me, then you like places that serve big portions so you have leftovers!  I LOVE leftovers!!! No leftovers from a buffet....

So, for my birthday, nothing new...I start saying Bobby Flay, Mario Batali Wolfgang Puck, he starts salivating about Steaks!  ACHH!!  Well,luckily for him, I try to be pleasing (we're talking food, not everything!!) and usually go his route, or some sort of compromise. 

Well, Saturday we had to pick Brian up from an event and right nextdoor is this really old old old FINE Dining, restaurant, which smelled heavenly!  We both said, why don't we try this place out tomorrow?

So Sunday night found us at Bob Taylor's Ranch House . A wonderful compromise. Some of us were happier than others, though. Want to know why? Because there was a 32 oz steak on the menu along with a challenge to finish it and get a free dessert. Of course SOME OF US took that challenge personally, while others of us ate our dinners wondering how this was going to end.  (Those of you who know my phobia know what I was thinking the whole meal!)

So, after 5 glasses of coke, 1/2 a glass of water, a dinner salad and a mashed potato, YES, Chris finished the whole steak.  It was kinda disgusting! But he enjoyed doing it so much. Stubborn fool! He's very proud of himself, and luckily for him, the rest of the night went well.

No, he did not eat his dessert then, but did about 2 hrs later! Here's the proof:

The things we do for our loved ones  :)

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