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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am the luckiest mommy in the whole wide world

OK, I know we all feel this way, but it's true!  I am the luckiest mom and the luckiest wife in the world!!!

I have gorgeous boys, all so different, all so special, all so able to bring a smile to me.

While not one of them is perfect  (teenage attitude, 2 yr old tantrums, 7 yr old stubborness) they are mine and I KNOW I am blessed.

(Note to readers, while I am writing this one is calling for "help" wiping and one is off grunting in the corner...yet I still am overwhelmed with love!!)

I am also the luckiest wife. Today is my birthday and my husband, Mr Unsentimental, found an incredible card for me, describing our marriage, as it is today. I am very grateful for the words expressed in that card, and in our marriage.

I am blessed.

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