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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fond Memories & Good Food

Every time we go to FL for the Ironman, we go to Po Folks.  Chris moans and groans, "I lose IQ points every time I walk in the door".  But it's good food, at a decent/good price!  And it brings back all sorts of memories for me!

When I was younger we didn't often go out to eat....Mom stayed home while Dad was a schoolteacher, and there were 4 of us! But every once in awhile after church a bunch of people would get together and we'd cross over into PA and go to PoFolks.

At that time, PoFolks gave drinks in mason jars, and every waiter/waitress knew the Moon Pie story. Not only did they know the story, they brought the red wagon over with the moon pie tree in it, to show us!

Today, that PoFolks is no longer open. Each time I go to the one in FL I ask them if they know the Moon Pie story and they don't! It's heartbreaking! It's tradition! And something the managers shouldn't have let be phased out.  If I had a unique place in the market, I'd keep everything as unique as possible and not lose things!  Like the Moon Pie Story!  These days the drinks aren't in mason jars either!

But, just going there makes me think of fun times, and being a I'll still the food's good!!


1 comment:

  1. That is so funny! they used to have one just down the street in Taylorsville and we ate there too.