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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Transcripts..more detail

I've written before about transcripting, but another year has passed and I've updated Brian's 10th grade transcript. I figured I'd share exactly what I do, and how simple it is.

Each year I keep a running list (or at this point THEY keep a running list) of field trips taken, topics learned about, books read, resources used, etc etc. Here's Brian's 10th grade list.

We don't list time spent, but I know Apologetics Class was 2 hrs 1x a week, plus personal reading on the subject, which I translate into 1 credit for Religion (Religious Studies, Bible, whatever you want to call it). Things like The Shark Reef I add into the category Biology (although he did have a co-op class on this subject). Between 9th and 10th grade, all the books he has read I termed it "Contemporary Literature". I gave him a Child Development credit because over the years being pregnant he's learned with me about fetus development,reading books such as While Waiting, he attended one of his brothers births, he babysits frequently, and has intimate personal knowledge of various developmental stages.

After compiling the list, I log onto my local school district website,, find their school websites, click on a high school ( I actually go through quite a few), then click on their Course Guide. Then I surf through their descriptions, with an open blank document in another window. I know I'm going to skip the Theater Courses, the Music Courses, etc as he's not into those things...I get to the courses I need and read them...see if he's covered the topics listed. Then I copy/paste the title and description over to my open document. I surf quite a few course descriptions...different schools offer different courses. After I am satisfied that I have enough courses down to cover the things listed on The List, I start adding/editing/deleting from their course description to make it reflect what he did. For example, in computers he is top heavy on Open Sourceware, and rarely uses Microsoft Products. Therefore I wrote "heavy emphasis on Linux and opensourceware". Etc etc

Here's where you can see Brian's Course Descriptions. I did go ahead and add in some of the courses he is taking this year, but they have not been added to his transcript.

And, here's Brian's Transcript through 10th grade. I have a blank sample transcript that I used last year, but I found this free site that adds up all the grades for you, so I used it to generate this transcript. It's called

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