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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wills and Living Wills

Recently, my husband and I decided to get our wills drawn up. We've been putting it off forever and ever and after 9 years of marriage, and with 5 kids involved, it was high time!

We had a wonderful experience. Through word of mouth we found a great family-oriented attorney skilled in wills and estate planning. She rocked!!! We went in for a free consultation, gave her all of our info, and then she drafted it up, ready for us to sign 2 weeks later.

A few key things she brought up.

1) She looked my husband dead in the eye and asked , "Do you have life insurance?" When he said, "no", she responded, "Why not? You're the man of the family, the one responsible, you need to get it." Period. No question. Statement. Rock on!!!!!!!!! I love her. So, yes, we made an appointment with an insurance agent and are talking about the various types of life insurance and long-tern healthcare.

2) As part of the wills, she includes LIVING WILLS. You know, do you want the plug pulled, when do you want it pulled, etc. And also Durable Power of Attorney, which is who can speak for you if you're in a coma or incapacitated. Very Very helpful! She also gave us the information that once signed, copy them and print a set for each of your cars. Which I promptly did, and put in the glove boxes. She also told us about a neat program the state of NV has, called the Living Will Lockbox. Basically you fax them or mail them your documents, they scan them into their registry and assign you a #. They send you a card with that # on it to affix to your drivers license. Then, if you are in a car wreck or something, they can quickly call the # provided and get access to your documents! Very cool!! Here's the website for that Living Will Lockbox

It's never a bad time to discuss what to do when you die. We're all going to die. We sat down and discussed organ donation, pulling the plug issues, what we want to wear in the casket, songs to be played, cremation, etc.

I've printed a lot of the basics out to also send to both of our Durable Powers of Attorney picks. In case Chris and I both bite it at the same time...someone will know what to do!

Here's a funny....ever since I've been married to Chris he's always said, "When I die I want to wear a button that says WHO FARTED?" Off and on through the years he's said it more than once.

So, when we sat down to discuss these things, I asked him if he still meant that, and "Did I haveeeeee to?" whine. Yup. UGHH.

So, I went on Ebay and found a seller's store that makes buttons and emailed her the most embarrassing email....can you make a WHO FARTED button for my husband, who wants to wear it in his casket?! Yup, I told her the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She said her son got a kick out of it.'s what Chris will be wearing.


What a wacky sense of humor. Oh well, here's to hoping he goes first and I don't have to!! HAHAH Just kidding honey, of course I will. Your button is safely put with the wills, so it's ready and waiting for you!

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