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Friday, July 17, 2009

Science and Tech Expo

Our community is so great about including homeschoolers. How does that happen? By proactive homeschooling parents!

I'll give you a great example. Almost 7 years ago, a local homeschool mom went to a brand new neighborhood rec center and asked, what do you do with your gymnasium all day? Can homeschoolers use it one day a week for PE?

7 years later, we go every Friday, from 11-1 for a great time of cooperative play amongst all age homeschooled kids.

As homeschoolers we must be proactive...and when one person goes to an event or a facility and says they are makes folks sit up and take notice that we're around! That's what happened with a local event here in Las Vegas....

The College of Southern Nevada recently hosted it Annual Science and Tech Expo. It's a free event, and they wanted to make sure Las Vegas homeschoolers knew about it. We attended and it was very well done, and a lot of fun for everyone.

First we went in the Creepy Crawlies Room. Lots of spiders and animals. Very fascinating for boys.

Then we watched DNA get extracted from a banana

Another room was full of microscopes and various bacteria and mold. neat to see all the everyday items that mold is in...

Well, this sign says it all

This is a sheep's eye. It was fascinating to hear about the anatomy and the reflective layer in their eyes

There were displays set up all over campus. This was an area of robotics.

In the parking lot they had various medical sciences...and ambulances/firetrucks. Also lots of fun for kids!

And, it was all free! Look and see what events your local colleges might be hosting!

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