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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What's Your Sign?

In this season of remembering Christ's birth I thought I'd re-share the meaning of the fish symbol from my first issue of Seedling.

The fish has been a symbol of Christianity for a very long time. We must look to the Greek language for the explanation. In Greek, the words "Jesus Christ God's Son Savior" look very different than they do in English. The first letter of each Greek word was taken (a game called acrostic) and the letters formed the word "fish", or "ichthys"in Greek.

You can look to the book of Acts to find some times in the Christian church where it was unsafe to openly proclaim a belief in Jesus. As such, the symbol of the fish took on an important job of identifying other Christians. If you were to meet someone, u could just nonchalantly swipe 1/2 the fish, an arch, in the sand.....if the other party were also a Christian, they could finish it off. If not, no harm..the other person would not recognize it!!

What's Your Sign?

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  1. That is really cool I did not know that! Yes Im trolling your blog LOL