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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Freudian Slip?!?!?

1st I must say, I LOVE BLOGGING!! I've sent all my family back east the's cool to be able to include pics and funnies throughout our the one below....

We were recently at Homeschool Skating and I did the most embarrassing crazy "mom" thing!

You know how you'll be at the grocery store, "rocking" your cart, or swaying while you're standing somewhere, JUST BECAUSE?!?! Those types of mom things are automatic. For me, I have an additional one, plugging the binky in the baby's mouth!

Sebastian has an oral sensitivity. He puts very little in his mouth but he LOVES his binky! HE sucks on it all the time and if he ever starts to fuss, it's automatic to just shove it in and he calms down.

So, I had Sebastian's binky in my hand, he was sitting in his stroller next to me, and I was talking to a group of moms. Elias comes up to me all excited about skating and starts interrupting and talking. I initially told him to wait, and put my hand on him to stop him, while still trying to give the other moms my attention. He kept going. Now, this is all happening really fast, and just instinctively I reached the binky towards his mouth while still concentrating on the other moms. Yes, you read that right, I aimed the binky at my 6 yr old!! He pipes up, "Mom, I'm not a baby!!!". ACHH!!!! How embarrassing! I just wanted to quiet him down! Guess we need to work on interrupting so I don't embarrass myself anymore!

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