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Sunday, December 23, 2007


On the way home from our lovely time in Boulder City, riding the Santa train (see previous entry)  and eating greasy food, we had to take a highway, a very highly traveled highway. I am not one for speed, nor switching lanes like a lunatic, I really want to continue to live...know what I mean?  It was a beautiful day, nice weather, and lots of motorcycles out there coming back from Boulder City, just like us.

Anyone guess what's coming? Uh-huh, the reason for my title.

All of a sudden I see lots of brake swerving into shoulders trying to avoid hitting those in front of them, and pieces of debris on the roadway. A few car lengths in front of me a motorcycle was down, and so was its rider.  I let some cars merge in front of me from that lane, and by the time I got to the accident I was hysterical. Yes, not the most "mommy" thing to do, but I couldn't seem to help it.

Mr. Motorcycle man was laying in the arms of his friends, while pieces of his bike were all over the road. His bike was quite a good ways up ahead of him..leaving it to the wild imagination what a fly through the air would have been like.

I was already praying aloud in between sobs, "Please God, let the ambulance get here soon, please let his friends be peaceful and helpful, please help this man know You if he doesn't already, please help his family as they deal with whatever is happening or going to happen...."

UGH! Even as I write this it makes me shaky.  Yes, I know we are all going to die..I would just prefer if it was all in natural order, like grow old, get sick (or not) and die peacefully...not die on the side of the road after a beautiful day out with friends while still young enough and cool enough to ride a motorcycle. this led to the topic of Motorcycles being more in danger due to their small size, fitting right into a blind spot, and the propensity for ER docs to call them  "donorcycles". Which, of course led into a discussion on organ donation.

For the record, I am EXTREMELY PRO organ donation. Please take anything of mine that you can use and if, God forbid anything happens to my kids, I've already made it known (Ha, and now even more publicly) what my wishes are.  Elias still doesn't grasp the concept, Brian is another story.

When Brian was very young, about a year old, there was a young boy who was shot in Italy, and his parents donated his organs. You may remember, the Nicholas Green story.  Brian was a very empathetic child, and one day, he must have been 5, maybe just about 6,  the story was re-airing..I don't know why, another organ donation story, an anniversary, anyway...Brian heard it and wanted to totally delve into this topic. So we did. After a lot of talking about it, BRIAN decided he wanted to do that if he ever died.

I am always glad to revisit topics we once learned about.  I love to relearn things later, maybe more deeply than the first time, maybe from a different perspective this time. Sorry for Mr. Motorcycle man and his tragedy, but he will always be remembered by our family as Mr Donorcycle. Maybe that was a purpose of his revisit this conversation in my family, and maybe now in yours. Donating doesn't hurt the dead, but NOT donating hurts those who are barely living on a waiting list.

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