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Monday, December 17, 2007

Modeling Behavior

I'm so bad about sitting down and blogging...although I love writing! So, I'll try better.  I also need to get the hang of how to add cool features here. I want to add some pics to this entry...if you see them it means I did it!!  If you don't, well, I tried :(  My techy son is at a friend's house, when he gets home he can teach me!

So, this entry came to mind because of something my  6 yr old innocently said.  In our house I am the primary "homeschooler" , while my husband works crazy hours. Often when he is home he is sleeping or watching tv, or playing with the kids.  I'll tell him what I need done so he can help out, "Honey, can you take out the kitchen trash", "Honey, bring this upstairs", you get the idea. 

Well, one day I must have been busy and so I said,  "Elias, have Daddy read you your Bible story."

My child looks at me with wide eyes and says, "Mommy, Daddy can't read."

I was flabbergasted! What was he talking about?! I read a LOT, but Daddy, well he reads 2x as much as me! Just look at all these bookcases!

We have 18 bookshelves WITH books on them, throughout the house!

Well, when I thought about it, yup, we have lots of bookshelves, but where does Daddy read? At work. He's a limo driver and in between jobs, or when he's sitting outside an event waiting for his clients, he reads! He reads so much at work that he never reads at home. He doesn't read TO the kids and he doesn't read IN FRONT of the kids. This major oversight was pointed out very innocently (and very quietly)  to me.

So, food for thought, not only what ARE you modeling for your children, but what AREN'T you modeling for your children?

Thanks for reading!

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