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Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's In An Eye?

I have a progressive eye disease called Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia  It's an annoyance that has me often at the eye dr's office. Recently I was getting up and ready for an appointment and Elias asked me, "What's in an eye?"  I knew 2 things, 1) I was in a rush and 2) amidst all my STUFF I have a model eye kit. So I told him, "I'll show you later."

With Unschooling....the kids really do ask all sorts of things and I help them find the answers. Sometimes that interest may last 5 seconds, sometimes 5 years. Maybe this could be the start of him wanting to be an eye dr..who knows?!?!

Sometimes though, life gets hectic and I forget all the millions of things they ask. So, 2 mornings later I was hit with, "Remember mom, you're going to show me what's in an eye!!"

So, our impromptu mini lesson on an eye begins. I find our eye kit and we begin assembling it. Keeping in mind he's 6 the conversation wasn't too in depth. He really wanted to know what hurt on ME and why. So I showed him the cornea and also the muscles surrounding the eyes.

All in all he thought it was pretty gross...holding and throwing the eyeball, looking through the model's pupil, but now he knows what hurts on Mommy!

I'm pretty sure this will be one of those 5 second interests, but you know what, he learned something! He didn't need a textbook, or a scope and sequence, he was interested, we grabbed the moment  (well, he reminded me this time, but you know what I mean) and he learned! That's what our Unschooling lives are all about.  Accumulated learning, on their timeframe, and when God lays that interest on their heart.

You can find Educational kits at: Educational Toys Planet

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