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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

He's Lucky I Let Him Live

Brian just got back from visiting his Grandmom and Aunt in FL. While he was there he decided to "surprise" me by getting his hair dyed. He's darn lucky I had already told him he could Henna it, and he's also darn lucky I don't really care about surface stuff like that (his step-dad is another story!)Trying to get a picture of Brian is just about impossible, but I tried!

After this one I tried to cajole him....I got this

After this I tried to get all serious and said, "I just want a good shot of your head." So, I got this...

Then I said, "Comeon, give me a good picture of your head and your teeth...smiling" I got this...

I give up! But, you can see his nice hair color! It's not too wild, and in some lighting you can barely even see it! Ok, he can live....

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