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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pirates Part 2

As I mentioned in Pirates Part 1, this book took us 2 weeks to do. Here's week 2 outline.

Pirates Outline Part 2

1. Pirate Treasure
I read from the research guide about what the pirates would search for, and how they would hide it.

2. Make a treasure chest
Had each of the children bring in a shoe box. We covered it in brown paper and decorated it with black and white clip art items I found (skull and crossbones, KEEP OUT sign, key hole, etc)

3. Scavenger Hunt
The "prize" was a pirate kit from Michael's that had doubloons in it and various other wooden pieces to color. They each got about 5, to add to their treasure chests.

4.Pirate Flags
Info from the Research Guide

5. Make own Pirate Flags

6. Learn to tie knots
I encourage the children to learn topics and share them with the class (extra credit...not that they get graded anyway HAHAHA!!) They do receive a certificate the next week acknowledging their study and presentation. One of the boys showed us some knots he knew

Many Pirate Activities
Grid Activity
Learning about Compasses
Compass Rose Poem

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