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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Turning 3

At 10:38am, 3 years ago yesterday, I gave birth to Sebastian after a quick 12 minutes being in a hospital bed. I hate pain, but I hate drugs more....I stayed home as long as I could and ended up pushing in the car! Hmmmm....shoulda just stayed home!

Now my little baby is 3! And turning into this handsome young toddler. I am so thankful for his health today, and for his energy. He's an awful big blessing in my life!

Look at the creative balloon-man our neighbor made Sebastian!

Sebastian sat on Chase's lap and everyone was so patient, letting him open presents and play with them, moving on at his own rate. He's so lucky to be so loved!

He got some good books, which he enjoys looking through

He loved his yummy cake. Elias was the primary baker for this one...taking over Brian's job as Chief Cakemaker.

One of our friends made Sebastian this beautiful shirt.He loved getting his pics taken in it!

What a keepsake! I LOVE crafty people!!!

Now, I just have to work on thinking of him as a "big boy" and not "the baby".

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