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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Artful Potter

We went to Artful Potter, a local place where you paint pottery and then they fire it for you. I've never let Sebastian do it before but this time I decided to.

He sat very nicely and waited for everyone to get there. Then he very nicely tried to wet his bowl.

Then he very nicely started dragging his brush around getting whatever he hit. Sometimes the bowl, sometimes his head, sometimes me...I was just trying to keep him from accidentally painting another child's project!

Elias diligently painted his entire bowl blue..inside and out...and then added green dots all over it. This took quite awhile.

During which Sebastian had no more interest in painting.

I really want things the kids do to be a fair representation of them at that time, and their I restrained myself from "helping". I did manage to get one of Sebastian's fingerprint on the bowl...but other than's his creation! (or, in this case, non-creation....I shoulda saved my $10!)

And here's Elias'

It was fun, and Elias always loves this field trip. Sebastian will grow into it, one day...

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