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Thursday, August 6, 2009


I do, I really do, I love IKEA. What's there not to love? Great products, cheap prices, super easy to put together....Now if only they'd open one in Vegas!!!!

Well, I am blessed enough to have friends that go to LA often, and sometimes PURELY for a trip to I send along my list!

Here's my recent catch!

In the back are 10 circle soft spots...I'll be using them for our upcoming preschool co-op class. Then there's a salad spinner. I recently found out people do Spin Art in salad spinners! How fun!
Then there's the toddler plates, tumblers and bowls. I've had a set of their bowls and sets of their toddler utensils and they last for years and are so great. I need more (especially with preschool co-op coming up....I figure why keep using paper plates?!?).
Then there's plastic tumblers that look like glass....for the play kitchen set. Very cool! I got an apple corer and a timer (no significant educational meaning there!) and not pictured are 2 white wood children's chairs for Elias' treehouse. All this, under $100!

Did I already say I Love IKEA?

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