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Thursday, January 15, 2009


We decided to skip Sabertooth Tigers, and move into Vikings. This is our 3rd week of bookclub. Vikings took 1 week. My notes are in italics. Some activities are from: Vikings Activities

Vikings Outline

1. Mix & Bake Viking Bread
I explained to them the caste system, and how there were no utensils used. The rich ate by scooping up the food with pieces of the bread....while the servants got to eat that bread after it had been used. This got a big "EWWWWWWWW" factor! I got my recipe from Story of The World Middle Ages Activity Book, but there are multiple recipes around. Viking Recipes. This bread was very hard. I happened to have on hand some packets of gravy (you know the kind, add water, heat, it's done...) I made some if that at the end, and it was a HUGE hit! They sopped up the gravy with their bread.

2. Who were the Vikings?
I printed out some facts from various websites and gave them as handouts.

3. Who/what were monks?

4. Decorate Serpens Magna Book Cover

5. Talk about Longboats & Build Longboat
Styrofoam Egg Carton bottom, straw stuck through section, with a sheet of paper folded in half,glued to itself, for the mast. Fill with small items, float in sink/pool

Here the kids are cutting their egg cartons in half, and making the mast.

Elias' floated! Good job distributing your cargo!

Then someone had the idea to have them all float in the off we went! There's plenty of room for children's suggestions in our bookclub.

6. Eat bread & gravy

Here's the not so beautiful bread

But they enjoyed it!

7. Ceremonial burial of captain
We didn't have time to do this, but I talked about it while they were eating. The longboats were either sent off to sea with their dead captain, or buried in their entirety. They would be fully stocked and even have some of his pets and livestock onboard (for the afterlife!). I had planned to have them build the outline of a longboat with blocks, and put in old cereal boxes, juice pouches, stuffed animals...and then each take turns laying down with crossed arms to be the dead captain.


Rune Stones
Viking Ship Coloring Sheet
Viking Mask

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