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Friday, January 9, 2009

Consumer Electronics Show

Yesterday was a huge highlight day for Brian. He got to go to CES! For those of you who don't know, CES is a HUGE electronics convention held annually in Las Vegas. They bring the newest and neatest gadgets to show...often in prototype format, so this is before they even go on sale. Talk about heaven on earth for a techie!!!!

While the show is not open to the public, it has been his fervent wish to go. We've begged, pleaded and posted on every local loop known to man, asking if anyone had tickets. Lo and behold, one of his friends dads had some and let the boys go! How very awesome!

I'd tell you about it, except he speaks in computer-ese and that doesn't stick in my head long. I did catch something about Windows 7 Beta being publically released (this is the newest Microsoft invention) will be replacing Vista soon. Of course techie son had already downloaded and tried a copy and found it utterly lacking. Go Linux!

For an example of the way my son's brain's a link he sent me...

He's so funny!

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