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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow, again?!?

Am I still in Las Vegas? Not only has it snowed once this week, but it snowed again today! So badly that they literally closed freeways and various other roads. Everyone is being asked to stay in if they don't need to go out. It's 7pm, and it started snowing at about noon. It tapered off into rain for about an hour, but now it's snow again! They're even talking about closing the school district tomorrow! In Vegas!! It's supposed to snow all night! Who knows what we'll wake up to. The kids are so jazzed!!

Here's Sebastian and some of our friends playing in front of our house.

Here's Elias and some of his friends coming in from out back.

Crazy huh! Look for more pics of snow in vegas tomorrow! Oh, and because this is such a "big deal" here, they're having live tv coverage all afternoon and evening. Meaning, none of our sitcoms will be on! Ok, there's only so much news one can watch!

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