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Sunday, December 14, 2008

At the Table & Steak

Our Little Lovely seems to be a meat eater. Elias is not really that big on meat...which works very well with their metabolics disorder. It's like built in limiting. Sebastian does not seem to have the ability to self-limit.

Tonight I grilled steak. We've found out in the past that Sebastian LOVES steak. I cut his pieces all up, got his plate ready, turned to the table and found him in a "big boy seat". Brian tried to pick him up and put him in his high chair, but it became very clear that Sebastian wanted to stay put! So, we tried it.

He's got a fork and all! Of interest, he still has not decided what hand he prefers. Here he's eating with his right hand, but often it's his left. Elias is left handed like his daddy. I'm right-handed. It's still up in the air who Sebastian will take after!

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