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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ninjas, in the Magic Treehouse Bookclub only took 1 week. Some activities can be found at the publisher's site: Random House

Ninjas Outline

Aluminum Foil
Popsicle Sticks

1. Have the class come all dressed in all black, and bring an adult sized black tshirt.

2. Discuss, "What is a Ninja?"

3. Difference between Ninja & Samurai
Samurais were Bushido warriors and Ninjas were Ninjutsu warriors. Both were militarily trained and both were utilized as soldiers and as assassins. The main difference between their ideologies was that the Samurai placed honor above all things, including life. The Ninja held life and survival as most important. Some formal Samurais actually opened Ninjutsu schools. Hattori Nazo Yasunaga (Father of Hattori Masashige Hanzo {Hattori "The Devil" Hanzo}the world's most famous Ninja), was a formal Samurai that actually trained and became a Ninja.
So, Samurais and Ninjas could be enemies or allies.

3. Make a Ninja Sword
Everyone took turns penciling in their outlines on the cardboard, then the moms cut them out. Decorate with Aluminum Foil.

4. Make Ninja Puppets

5. Talk about Ninja Gear
I showed some pictures. There are plenty of sites online to show you how to make a Ninja Throwing Star out of paper.

6. Make a Ninja Mask
This is too cute and too simple! I took pics of them with their swords, all in black..very cute!

Well, here's a non-smiley Spidey/Ninja. But look how cool the mask is! (His version of wear all black was his black spiderman Halloween costume, how cute!)

Gotta love homeschooling! They are each so individual...what a great group!

Extras lesson on Night of the Ninjas

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