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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Little Lovely and his shoe fixation

My Little Lovely seems to love everyone's shoes! He even carries his own around with him, hoping someone will put them on for him.

He's put on Daddy's work shoes, my high heels, my sneakers, Elias' shoes and most frequently, our little neighbor girl's shoes. As she comes into the house she drops her shoes at the front door...right in "play zone". And, to boot, nearly every day they are a different pair of shoes! Well, that's fair game then isn't it in little kid language?!

Sebastian constantly walks around the house in her glittery shoes. It's enough to make his dad cry. So, here you go, honey...just for to always remember it! (perverse sense of humor!)

He's so happy!!

Oh, and the added bonus of his facial markings! He "plays" with the kids on the whiteboard...although his marker always ends up on his face and hands. The picture of a good play day, right here!

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