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Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Thrift Store Day!

Yesterday we went to a local thrift store and hit the jackpot! I try to keep a running list in my head of things I "need"/want and try to look at yard sales and thrift stores for the items.

My want items included:
felt board stories
Peter Potty Urinal
Magic Tree House books
anything for the upcoming preschool class (craft items, educational toys, etc)

Yesterday I found, of course, loads of books, 2 puppets, a toy for Elias, but best of all.....a croquet set and a tunnel! I spent a whopping $17.

Coincidentally, the night before I had been looking at a Croquet Set on Craigslist. Growing up my parents had a set...I don't even remember how to play, but it's good memories, and should provide hours of fun! And it was $3!!!

This tunnel was $2! It's already been loved and used by my kids...but will come into great use for the preschool class! (I'm planning on teaching one next year) Here's Elias

Sebastian was at first hesitant, but now he LOVES it! He brings his trains in with him.

Elias and Sebastian

Love thrift stores!!! Who knows what you'll find!

1 comment:

  1. I love to find good deals! It's fun to find educational things for a bargain.