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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas House

In a neighborhood about 20 minutes away, an older gentleman, with his white beard, big belly and crinkling smile, puts on a big Christmas display every year. His whole front yard, side yard and back yard are filled with great scenes of Elves making presents, Santa and Mrs. Claus sitting before a fire, Disney Characters ice skating on a frozen lake, and of course a life-sized Nativity scene.

There were so many decorations and things to see. They even had a countdown to Christmas! Very cool...every house with small children should have one

There's also a train that circles his front lawn. Elias just loved going on this! We went on a night early in the season before the crowds came. It made it so Elias could get on, hop off and get back on! Finally I ended up taking Sebastian for a spin...he wasn't too sure, but at least he was in his momma's arms.

What a great night, and what a great heart that kindly older gentleman do this each and every year as a service to the community! Oh, and said gentleman also has a job posing for pictures dressed in his finest red and white gear!

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