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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're In FL!

Hey all,

This week we're in the FL Panhandle for an Ironman race.  My husband is a Triathlete-to-the-extreme. This will be his 3rd Ironman race. We make a week of it...taking in local sights and just hanging at the beach.

We had a rough time getting is teething and cranky, and snotting....we had a red-eye flight, but he didn't sleep much. Add teething and snot and no sleep, well, we ended up with a very cranky, very sick to his stomach baby. JOY.

After a good nights rest, things are looking much better!

We just bought a new camera, I'm getting the hang of taking pics with it and all of its amazing capabilities...not sure if I'll get to upload any while we're here, but I'll share when I get back home!

For now....we're here, we've shopped, the kids have played in the water, we're relaxing!

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