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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Bacccckkkkkk

Well, I am guilty...I let time slip away and day after day without blogging. The problem with this is,I stop taking so many pics and my family doesn't always know the cute little day to day things we're doing. So....I'm back!

I figure this will be a short post...I've thought about getting back to blogging for a long time now, but cataloging all the missed events was too overwhelming. So....I'm not going to even try!  I might sprinkle in some things we did over the past few months, but I'm not going to try for one long post describing everything...can't happen!  Starting here and now, with the here and now!

I'll give you a quick tease/summary about the things we're up to this year...and pics and descriptions will follow in the days and months to come!

Brian this year is back to his fascination of Japanese. We've got a wonderful tutor coming in to the home, conducting a small class of homeschoolers, 1x a week, for 2 hours.  It's very intense and he loves it!  He's also taking biology with lab and apologetics, at a local homeschool group. Of course, his main love is still computers!  Well, add to that, texting. He has a gaggle of friends, mostly girls  (sorry, camm and matt, no offense!). He's active in our new's small but has a heart for outreach and love!  That's Brian in a nutshell...which of course isn't the whole story..remember, just a teaser!!

Elias is cuter than cute.  He's so wonderful!  Growing up so quickly, but still in some areas a mommas boy..and so loving and compassionate.  He's learning to read, is on his 2nd year of math-u-see, just became a Tiger cub last night , is in his 2nd book of Sparks  (Awanas Program) and doing soccer  (as he'd say, finally! ). He also does speech at the local school...and is just all around ACTIVE!!  Oh!  And we started a book club..based on the Magic Tree House's super cool and he's enjoying that!

Sebastian...well..I don't know if a 2 yr old could be any cuter!  Little Lovely is now running all over the place, doing some signs...still doesnt have any real words down, but is repeating a lot of sounds and sound repetitions.  He's in great over-all health, very chunky!  He's still keeping me busy with various appointments, mostly now through our state Early Intervention program. He's been without the G-Tube since May...gastro is pleased with his growth, and ability to eat, and his diet, and only need to go back on an as needed basis.  It's nice to slow down all the dr. appointments! 

I often say times are a season.  Sometimes it's rough, sometimes time flies by, sometimes it's easy...but it's all a quickly changing season.  We have had our share of rough and time-consuming seasons.  This year the focus is back on kids, and learning experiences, instead of doctors!  YEAH!! Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, that's it for now...I will keep things updated more often, and with pics soon too!

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