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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crazy Week

I haven't been blogging much this week..seems life was hectic for one reason or another!

I was to host a yard sale for our Statewide Homeschool Advocacy Organization, Nevada Homeschool Network, today. So, all week we've been collecting donations. It's very exciting to see all the stuff come in!

We've had our normal therapies...speech 4x a week for Elias, speech for baby, state Early Intervention speech, nutritionist and PT (for baby)...

Played at a friend's house...Brian messed around on her computer  (he should come with a warning..."I'll help you but I'll also indoctrinate you on the hazards of Microsoft and Windows"..he's so funny!).

Brian started attending a new local Japanese class...which he loved. Hopefully the mom will run the class longer...this is a short introduction try-out.

Elias had his last gymnastics class....for the moment. Because of his birthday he can not sign up for the class we've been taking any longer....too old! But all of the other classes are in the evenings...ewwww!!!  He's debating signing up for a HipHop class  (his love is street dancing!) or boy scouts.  We'll see. We're going to take a break for a little while...Nanny and Pop Pop are coming in May for the month, so it's a good time to rest!

Had 2 parents meetings for different groups...I lead the mentoring at both which I LOVE  but the meetings both in the same week is sometimes good (get it over) but sometimes bad (being gone 2 nights in one week!).

Dealt with major allergies...mostly me, at the beginning of the week.

And then the little guys got sick Thursday night..not sure if food poisening or a tummy bug, but it was not fun. We're still recovering from that!

Needless to say, I had to postpone our yard I can collect more donations! We'll do that next weekend!

Wowsers! Maybe it'll be more fun next week!

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