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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crazy slowing down

Well, in my last entry I thought the week was crazy, little did I know it was just picking up!
While the big boys got through the stomach bug relatively quickly, poor Sebastian did not. Add the fact that he has a metabolic disorder, and we ended up in the hospital. 

It was very ugly.  Poor guy wasn't hydrated enough for them to find a good vein, multiple pokes later they finally got one. He was becoming acidodic, a condition they need to keep on top of with kids with metabolic disorders, as it can rapidly spin out of control.

On top of all of this you've got me...previously when my kids were hospitalized, I'm right there, taking notes, doing research, advocating etc. This was a throw up thing...when I say I have a throw up phobia, I don't just mean I don't like it..I mean full blown panic attacks, massive anxiety, heart racing, no eating, etc etc etc. I had dealt with Sebastian and Elias all weekend being sick, by the time we got to the hospital I was no good to anyone. It's rather embarrassing to even admit it, because it's sooo dang irrational. I ended up in the ER our 2nd night there, from so much stress that I ended up throwing up. A nice few drugs later, life looked a little better.

Sadly, now, the stomach bug is hitting just about every family we I am constantly being bombarded with the topic, and some families who don't believe in staying home with sick kids (?!?!) I'm even getting to witness it! It's truly too much in my fragile emotional state. I'm about ready to stay indoors for the next few weeks. It's affecting every aspect of my life right now, all my kids are tired of hearing about it, and I'm tired of thinking about it.  ACHHH!!!  Frustration!!!!!

If I can get a couple of weeks without the topic, without seeing it, hearing about it, witnessing it, I should be able to tone down the, if you know me, and you have sick kids, keep them home!  We don't want more germs and I can't handle the topic anymore!!

So, that's where we are..recovering nicely, but not wanting to get re-infected.  I'll try to write more soon!

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