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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

computer woes

So, I get up this morning to this


Ok, I restart my computer. Everything will be fine.

My mouse won't work! Why wont it move?!?! Darn thing, whole computer's falling apart! 

I pick up my mouse and notice a piece of post it is stuck on the bottom, un-enabling it to move. desk is sort of paperfilled, stupid cats must have gotten on my desk (they're not supposed to, but overnight who KNOWS what they do!)  NOW it'll work.

But it's still's moving, but very weird, like with a trail of arrows falling it. And nothing I click on is working. I have to like double click on hit Open In A New Window.  What the heck did the boy do to my computer? What program did he have to download on MY computer now?  He's never allowed on my computer again!  WHy is he on mine anyway, he's got his own!

Restart stupid thing, see if it's any better.

SOMEHOW I get to my mail, but like half the letters are missing in my titles and subject lines.  And I still cant open a message without opening a new window.

I give up, someone better go get that boy out of bed to tell me what silly program he downloaded and get it OFF MY COMPUTER!

Of course, the whole time I'm screaming  WHAT THE HECK?!?!  WHAT?!?!  MAN!   WHAT THE HECKKKKKKKKKK.

These are all my thoughts through this very frustrating 15/20 minutes of wasted time! I HATE wasting time!

Dear beautiful son walks in with a smile, very unlike a child who has just been hauled out of bed and knows he has done something wrong....sits at my computer and basically says, "it's a screensaver, April Fool's".

Little S*&^  !!!  Duh!  It never crossed my mind!  He is a prankster of the uber kind! Look at what all he did!!
  • Switched the mouse button preferences
  • Turned on mouse trails
  • Switched keyboard layout to Dvorak  (so anything I type, its the wrong letters!)
  • Put the Blue Screen of Death Screensaver on
  • Added the Total Confusion Combo Pack firefox extenstion  (ohmygosh you have to read what all this does! It's INCREDIBLE!  You still have time today to add it to your loved one's computer!! I didn't keep it installed long enough to think I was crazy, thankfully!

Happy April Fools Day!

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