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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pics with the Governor

Today Nevada Homeschool Network hosted a Photo Op with the Governor, celebrating his declaration of Home Education Awareness Week (March 30-April 6). As the organizer of the event my family was one of 6 homeschool families in Las Vegas that attended.

The Governor's office was fabulous! They not only took a big group photo, but also individual family photos.

The Governor actually joked around with the kids and seemed very congenial. When it was our turn I mentioned to him that Elias had asked me this morning if he could get his own picture with the Governor. He made it happen! (Of course, if I had planned to ask it, I woulda chickened out or overthought it, but it worked out wonderfully well)Elias was so shocked that he couldn't even smile! He knows a Governor runs the state, so he must be pretty big stuff!

We're very thankful for all of our homeschooling freedoms here in NV and all the legislators and policy makers who listen to us as we lobby for our continued Parental Rights.

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