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Monday, April 20, 2009

Haircuts and copying

I wanted to take a picture of the boys since I shaved their heads....finally got around to it today. But the little one is starting to SERIOUSLY copy everything the bigger one does! He's caught on that Elias always holds his 2 fingers up (Peace, Man) are pics of him trying to do it!

Watching Big Brother carefully

Look at the fingers....trying, trying......which hand? Both?! Thinking, thinking.....

I'll keep them!


  1. My two year old is practicing doing his thumb and pinky finger out with the other three curled in while saying "Nally Do!"... translation = "Narley Dude!" I try to show him to do a thumbs up and then, we slowly unfold the pinky. It concentrates so hard and really can't get it, but it is sooo cute!!! He learned it from a Stephen Fite children's concert that we took the kids to. Check out ... they might come to your area sometime. It was cute and only $4.50 a ticket. Can't beat that for LIVE theater!!

  2. Hi Elissa! I just started following your blog and I've enjoyed getting to know you and your beautiful family! It's so neat because not only are you named like my sis-in-law Elisa but also we are planning to name our first born son, when the Lord blesses my womb, Elijah or Elias! It's a name that was given to us before we ever met and it's what we feel the Lord wants us to name our son..powerful meaning and Bible story! You have such cute boys! Have a blessed day! I plan on continuing to enjoy your blog:D