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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

We had a fabulous field trip last week. We went to Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary. I'd never been there before (there are few field trips I haven't been on at least once!)

The Sanctuary has been around for decades, and was primarily a "rich man's hobby", but also accessible to the public for educational purposes. It was recently put under new management, or more precisely, it seems, more zoo-oriented management.

They have so many exciting things planned for the future that I am just SO glad we found it and can be in on the ground floor of this booming community achievement!

So, when we went, it was still pretty much as it has been, but with the sign of new construction and new educational themes all around.

Here's a white male peacock. Just beautiful!

They also have a petting area...surprisingly Elias went in and actually TOUCHED a goat!

This baby goat was only 5 days old. The Sanctuary is great about letting the kids hold and feel the (safe) animals.

They have an aviary (Sebastian did fine, until I pointed his head up....achhhh!!!)

They have a beautiful amphitheater....they use it for various shows and fairs. We'll be going back in a few weeks for their Arts and Crafts Fair.

Here's our group picture, complete with Miss Sandra, our tour guide, and assistant director of the facility.

Overall the kids were happy, and I was too! We learned of a program they have, called the Incubator Program. You buy an incubator, then for $40 they'll give you some eggs. You incubate them, let them hatch, keep them however long you want, then give the birds back to the sanctuary. Your $40 goes towards their upkeep. I've never incubated an egg before solely because I've never wanted to keep a chicken! They'll even let you do geese eggs, duck eggs, etc! Guess what we'll be buying soon!

Also, while we were there I bought an Ostrich egg, an Emu egg, and some assorted other eggs. The kids are already loving looking at them. I've wanted an Ostrich egg for the longest time! I know, g-e-e-k!

I'm so glad such a neat place exists!

1 comment:

  1. It looks like a neat place to me. I think the white peacock is incredible!