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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bobcat Advancement Ceremony

Also on Elias' birthday, he had his Bobcat Advancement Ceremony! He didn't know what was coming as he's new to Cub Scouts.

A few weeks ago he said the Bobcat requirements to his Cubmaster

But Elias got his patch at this ceremony. Face painting everyone that passed Bobcat rank

Even the parents!

Here's the wording they used as each color was painted on Bobcat Advancement Ceremony

CM: Tonight it is our pleasure to welcome all of you to the fellowship of Cub Scout Pack______. As I call your name, please come forward with your parents.

CM: Scouts, with the help of your parents, you have passed the first test of Cub Scouting. You have attained the rank of Bobcat. I will now ask your parents to assist in the ceremony that recognizes your accomplishment. (Pass out paints to parents and/or assisting leaders.

CM: The blue is from the sky. The blue paw print of the Bobcat on your forehead is the spirit of the bobcat, and to remind you to do your best on the Cub Scout Trail.

CM: The yellow is from the sun. The yellow marks under your eyes will help you see the light of the Cub Scout Trail, and symbolize the bright spirit of Cub Scouting.

CM: The white on your nose is for purity and to help you know right from wrong as you go along the Cub Scout Trail.

CM: The red mark on your chin is for courage to always speak the truth.

CM: Finally, the green mark on each cheek symbolizes the spirit of nature to guide the Cub Scout in living in harmony with the great outdoors.

CM: Remember your marks of the evening, Bobcats. Have fun along the cub Scout Trail. Parents, will you present this Bobcat badge to your son making him an official Cub Scout? This privilege will be yours for every badge he earns. We expect you will work as hard as he does on some of the projects.

CM: Will all parents in the audience please stand and join these new Cub Scout parents in the Parent's Participation Promise, repeating after me... "We the parents of a Cub Scout / Promise to assist our son / in earning his Cub Scout badges. / We will be faithful in our attendance at Pack meetings / and assist in every way possible / as we assist our son to do his best."

Will all the Cub Scouts please stand and repeat the Cub Scout Promise with our new Bobcat Scouts?

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