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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Day of Mystery Of History Co-op

About a year ago my friend bought Mystery of History, told me about it, and then bought me a copy too! I fell in love with it!  I already owned Story of the World, and was pleased to find out people use the 2 together all the time!

Then I found out Mystery of History has a yahoogroup. And in that yahoogroup there are tons of files for you to use! Like, timeline pics, charts that show how to use MoH with Story of the World...and more. It was like a treasure trove. I happily got to printing!

In those files I saw pictures of various people's timelines, including some using a Sewing Board.  I had never heard of a sewing board, but looking at the pics, they looked cool. So, off I went to Joann's with my 40% off coupon.  I got a super sewing board. It was ~$17 without the coupon.

On one side of the sewing board are measurements and lines..for cutting patterns.  I covered that side up with white contact paper, and on the cardboard side, started laying my timeline strips, exactly as Linda walks you through it in the book!

We went from the bottom -up. Creation to Christ's birth.

See, it folds up accordian style onto itself, ends up being like 5 ft long by about 1 ft wide! Perfect for storing! or showing to others at parents meetings etc!

Here's the bottom rows of mine, after we finally got started. 

On our first gathering we met and went over the first few lessons.

I always try to incorporate fun, hands on things with each thing we study. This co-op was no different.

First, while talking about Creation, I gave them each a container of Play-dough and asked them each to make a person. (Suggestion from the book)  I let them happily mold whatever they wanted, and then dragged out the Gray's Anatomy. I asked the littler ones things like, how does your guy pee? How many hairs does your guy have on his head? How can your guy see what's in front of him? For the older kids I started flipping pages. I'd ask, where is your guys "adjsklajsda;lkjsadj".  They'd be all, "ummmmm".   I couldn't even pronounce half the things!

I read them the story of Noah and the flood. And played the song Noah Found Grace in The Eyes of the Lord It's kinda catchy!

Then I downloaded
Bill Cosby's standup comedy- 3 parts about Noah
Noah-Yeah Right! 
Noah and the neighbor
Noah Adding Animals to the Ark

Very funny!!!!!!!!!!

Then, while I was going over the Ice Age, I had them hold Ice Cubes and have a contest to see who could hold them the longest.
I love learning in a co-op setting  (or should I say teaching? I'm learning too as I'm leading the discussion!).

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